Ali Mansouri and Dung Huynh, Owners & Operators, Gabe Clothing


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After immigrating from Iran, Ali Mansouri started working as a clothing pattern maker and production manager. Eventually, in 1999, Ali Mansour opened up Gabe Clothing, which started as a design service for local Canadian brands before evolving  into a full-scale clothing production company.

The early 2000s proved tough, as the Canadian clothing industry shifted from domestic to overseas production, with many locally made materials like zippers and notions becoming outsourced, and all but a few factories disappearing from Toronto.

Committed to manufacturing in Ontario, Ali kept Gabe afloat, until he met his wife Dung, an experienced designer from Vietnam, who brought exceptional technical expertise into the Gabe Clothing, and markedly elevated the quality of Gabe Clothing’s products.

This commitment to perfecting every single garment, championed by Ali & Dung, who both still handcraft products to this day, has enabled Gabe Clothing to rapidly grow a base of strongly dedicated customers.

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