100g Original Bake In A Minute

100g Original Bake In A Minute

● Grain free
● No preservatives
● Individual portions
● Easy to open in a pre-measured, microwaveable cup
● Perfect for home, work, getaways and vacations
● No sugar added
● High in fibre and protein
● Minimal ingredients

● Cooks quickly and easily
● Minimal ingredients required in preparation.
● Versatile to make mug breads, mug cakes and mug muffins.
● Easy to use
● Low carb

● Excellent for but not restricted to Keto, Low Carb and Paleo diets
● Satisfying without bloating
● Makes you feel full longer
● Pre-measured, saving on cost of purchasing different ingredients
● Excellent for novice bakers
● Great for kids, as there is no stove required in preparation
● Small serving size
● Cups make for easy travel
● Easy to prepare in the microwave

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