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750mL Vodka

750mL Vodka

The Manufacturing Process

7 Shades Vodka is an alcoholic beverage distilled at a high proof from fermented corn mash. Proof is the measurement of the alcohol content. Each degree of proof equals a half percent of alcohol. Thus, 100 proof is that which contains 50% alcohol, 90 proof contains 45%, and so on. Because distilled vodka can have a proof as high as 145, all taste and odour has been eliminated, making vodka a neutral spirit. Water is added to bring the proof down to a range between 80 and 100.

Vodka's continuous stills usually contain three primary sections: still heads (where the vapours are collected), fractionating columns (where the ethyl alcohol is broken down), and condensers (where the vapours are reconverted to liquid). At first, charcoal filtration was the universal procedure used to purify the vodka. Then at the beginning of the twentieth century, the process of rectification was developed. In rectification, the spirits are passed through several purifying cylinders designed to eliminate dangerous imperfections such as solvents, fusel oil, and methanol. Water is added at the end of the distillation process to decrease the alcohol content.

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