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 Adjustable Quick Tapco Handle Adaptor

Adjustable Quick Tapco Handle Adaptor

Our patent pending Quick Handle Adapters allow you to load and unload your Tapco PRO14 and PRO19 and Max-I-Mum XL brake faster and help you quickly locate the handles along the full width of the hinge to your preference. Sold as a pair and comes with 2 Fastpins.

✔ QUICKLY RELOCATE HANDLE - Slide the handle along the whole length of the hinge to the desired position.
✔ OPERATE THE BRAKE HINGE FROM THE END - pivot your hinge when lining up at the end of your brake to make a soffit bird box for example.
✔ EASILY REMOVE / STORE HANDLE - Move handle back and forth between working and storage positions.
✔ NO MORE ANNOYING PLUGS - Remove factory built-in plug.
✔ EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR BRAKE - Spare your brake the damage caused by the factory handle plug installed on the hinge.

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