Ammonia Recovery Unit

End users and contractors can now remove ammonia from refrigeration systems knowing their health and safety are protected. Ammonia is an energy-efficient and cost-effective refrigerant but it needs to be properly handled when servicing your system. If ammonia finds its way into your facility¢€s atmosphere it is more than just a bad smell. It poses a threat to your primary operating concerns ¢€“ the health and safety of your staff and your neighbours. Berg¢€s Ammonia Recovery Unit (ARU) meets that challenge head on.
Industries using ammonia-based refrigeration ¢€“ such as food & beverage, cold storage, and recreational ice ¢€“ recognize the need to eliminate poorly designed and unreliable jury-rigged recovery systems. Replacing them with Berg¢€s purpose-built ARU allows ammonia recovery with less risk of leak or accident during the process. With a Berg ARU in place, staff breathe easy when working near ammonia.

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