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Blanket Rolls

Blanket Rolls

Heavy Duty Leather Straps to wrap around a blanket roll. The strap comes with a main strap that holds the 3 straps together that allows you to tighten the buckle straps around a rolled up blanket.
The straps adjust to accommodate for a large range in size rolls.

Purchase the straps set alone, for your current favorite blanket you already own or with one of our blankets, ready to go! No need to search out for the perfect blankets we already have.

The straps are made from 1 inch wide water buffalo with a lovely distressed look, and with brass buckles that will add to the look as it ages. Comes with 2 D-rings too, that can be used to help attach it to your bag for whichever method you decide to attach it.

Blanket choices, pick between a 70% wool or a 100% wool blanket.
Solid Green 70% Wool approx. 60" x 84" inches in size
Blue Checkerboard pattern 100% Wool approx. 72" x 90" inches in size

Great for serious campers, a wool blanket is always the best choice for being out in the bush!
Enjoy the warmth of the wool, often preferred over a sleeping bag.

Attach the roll to a knapsack yourself or carry it alone. Also great to use to carry a foam sleep pad or other objects that can be rolled up. (Knapsack not included)

NEW handle upgrade included now. (not shown in photos)

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This product is proudly made in Ontario by:

Old Country Leather

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