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Boiler Drums

Boiler Drums

Trenergy boasts of having the best capabilities of any drum shop in North America. We are able to offer all work done in house including cutting, forming, welding, full NDE, stress relieving, and CNC dual spindle drilling. As a result, we build about 75 drums per year including drilled Package and Industrial boiler drums, HRSG drums, and Utility boiler drums.

Drum Shop Equipment:

1 – Shot blast room
1 – Plate edge burning machine
1 – Head burning machine
1 – Plate Rolls
5 – Sub arc welding machines and manipulators
Rotators (up to 400 Tons) and weld positioners
2 – X-ray vaults c/w Cobalt and Iridium sources
1 – Dual spindle CNC drum drilling machine
4 – Radial drills
1 – Stress Relieve Furnace

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