BorgConnect® Smart Manufacturing Bundle for SMEs

BorgConnect® Smart Manufacturing Bundle for SMEs

The BorgConnect® Smart Manufacturing Bundle is a packaged offering for the SMEs i.e. Small & Medium Enterprises, comprising 4 smart apps (for improvement in Productivity, Quality, Energy Use, and Asset Performance) that connect to critical machines in the SME's facility.

This low-cost minimalistic approach to a frictionless transformation, from traditional manufacturing to smart manufacturing principles, can be implemented in an SME shop with very limited IT infrastructure. Even legacy machines that are not computer controlled can be connected!

Real-time interactive dashboards provide insights and prescriptive actions for improving daily profitability, optimizing resources, and minimizing waste.

Each of the four apps cost USD 2500/year.

A proudly Canadian technology from our offices in Ottawa.

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This product is proudly made in Ontario by:

5G Energy Ltd.