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Bunny Ear Teethers

Bunny Ear Teethers

Bunny ear teethers are great for soothing gums and sensory play!

Why wood?
Not only is a wood teether antibacterial, it’s also 100% natural. You will have peace of mind knowing you’re not exposing your child to synthetic materials and chemicals that might be found in plastic, rubber, and silicone teethers.

Wood rings

Our teethers are made from 100% Canadian hard white maple. This great hardwood will not splinter or crack, and it is extremely durable in a child’s hands. These teethers are left plain and simple with no coatings or chemical additives added. Just wipe them down with a warm, soapy cloth to get them looking brand new again!

Bunny ears

The ears are great for soaking up drool. The front is made with 100% organic cotton and the back is made with French Terry. One ear has crinkle in it for sensory play.

The Fabric
I choose each print from an independent artist, who makes commission on the sale of their work.

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This product is proudly made in Ontario by:

Jenny Coomber Designs

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