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Casting Foundry Metal Parts / Components

Casting Foundry Metal Parts / Components

We manufacture & supply custom metal casting parts made by Sand / Shell / Investment / Die Casting processes from small to large quantities for majority all industries including Automotive, Pump, Valve, Fittings, Industrial, E mobility, Agriculture, Machinery, Mining, Construction, Lighting, General Engineering and many more industries. CraftMach Engineered Solutions Inc. is supplying Grey Iron, Ductile Iron, Aluminum, Alloy steels, Brass and other material Casting parts from 0.03 lb to 320 lbs/ Pc from one to 25,000 pcs with max 1200*800*800mm sizes. We have capacity to produce Die, Sand and Investment casting parts with capability of making Die/ Pattern, Testing, Heat Treatment, Painting and Assembly capacity for your casting parts. We are specialized in supplying of complex and intricate shaped castings. We are providing cost effective and innovative solutions to OEM customers in the Automotive Sector, Lighting, Power Transmission & Insulator, Mining, Heavy Machinery and many more

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