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 Collapsible Stand for Van-Mark & Tapco Portable S

Collapsible Stand for Van-Mark & Tapco Portable S

Our patent pending Collapsible Sheet Metal Brake stand works with your Van-mark, Tapco and Alum-A-Brake portable siding brake. Each leg can be set independently and is angled and reinforced to provide maximum stability.

✔ INSTALL IT & FORGET IT - Once installed, it stays attached to your brake.
✔ FULLY COLLAPSIBLE - The legs can fully retract to tuck and lock into place underneath the bender.
✔ ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT - Set at will to a personalized height that suits you anywhere between 32" and 41".
✔ ANGLED LEGS FOR INCREASED RIGIDITY - Legs have left to right and front to back angle making the stand very sturdy on all sorts of terrain.
✔ INDEPENDENT LEG ADJUSTMENTS - Each leg's angle can be independently set to make sure the brake is always level on uneven ground.
✔ ALLOWS FOR MOBILITY - Optional wheel kit allows to move the brake around or in and out of your vehicle without help and without lifting.
✔ AIRLESS WHEELS - Foam-filled wheels spare you the trouble of flat tires.
✔ EASY WHEEL INSTALL - The wheels can be installed literally in seconds.
✔ FLEXIBLE WHEEL POSITIONING - Install anywhere up or down the legs and inside the legs for max clearance or outside the legs for max stability.
✔ STURDY - High quality components for a solid and durable construction rated to support over 1000 lbs.

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