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Contoured Pleated Mask

Contoured Pleated Mask

This mask is a double layer of preshrunk 100% cotton. It functions like the classic pleated mask in that it fans out according to the size of the wearer's face, but goes above and beyond the classical rectangular design to offer contouring in all the right places providing superior fit and comfort, reducing the bulkiness of the simple rectangular version. Provides maximum coverage up to 7 1/2" from top to bottom, sufficient for taller people with proportionally longer faces. We have incorporated the additional benefits of a contoured upper edge, which allows room for the shape of the nose, reducing the pressed down feeling on the nose. It curves under the eyes to eliminate the feeling of riding up into the eye area. Nose wire eliminates fogging up of glasses when worn properly. Adjustable ear loops allow for customized fit across the face.

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