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Custom Weightlifting Platforms

Custom Weightlifting Platforms

A weightlifting platform is an essential piece of equipment for your gym. If you're doing Olympic lifts and dead-lifting with heavy weights, you will want to protect your floor, your equipment, and your joints with a proper weightlifting platform. Extend the life of your plates & olympic bar.

The platform provides a solid substructure that dissipates the energy of a massive load crashing down, while absorbing shock, and muffling noise compared to a standard floor. The rubber is made from Impact resistant recycled tire rubber. It provides non-slip properties and no harsh odours.

Offers stable, solid footing and secure training surface, clearly defines training area

- Auto-lock latches for portability
- Force absorption for dropped weights
- Noise reduction
- Stabilizes rack once screwed into base
- Dedicated weight lifting area
- Oak wood middle surface
- Custom logo (if applicable)
- Reduces wear & tear on equipment
- Reduces tension on joints from concrete floor
- Reduces damage to weights & floor

- 48” x 90” x 2.25 inch total
- 1/2” rubber platform on each end
- 3/4” oak wood centre base
- 2.25 inch rise from the ground

Add ons/Upgrades:
Water resistant polyurethane with anti slip finish: $65.00
Aluminum edging: $125.00
Custom logo: $75.00
Solid hardwood flooring centre: (available upon request)

This product is proudly made in Ontario by:

Northwoods Custom Woodcraft

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