DIY Mask Kit

With Redwood Classics' ready-to-sew DIY Mask Kits, you can make 10 of your own washable 2-ply, simple-pleated masks. Kits come with the pattern, material and elastics and allow the wearer to insert a filter or an extra layer of fabric, if desired. For every DIY kit sold, we will donate a kit to sewing communities and partnering organizations, enabling them to make more masks and pay it forward. Plus, you can feel good about the fact that the material used for the mask's outer layer is from upcycled, end-of-roll fabrics.

Each kit contains materials to make 10 masks.

- Pre-cut panels of:
- Quality 100% cotton, woven fabric for outer layer of mask (variety of colours)
- Premium 100% combed cotton, knit jersey fabric for lining of mask (white)
- 1/8" elastic
- How-to instructions, online:
- 3 sizes to choose from (S, M, L)

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