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elerGreen Electrochemical Reactor

elerGreen Electrochemical Reactor

elerGreen Industry is a cleantech startup to recover valuable polymers, metals and chemicals from chemical waste and renewable electricity, in economic and eco-friendly way.
The key differentiator lies with the patented unique reactor design of electrode in relative motion against stationary blades to continuously remove solid products, which is more efficient while facilitating the eco-friendlier electrochemical pathway of non-conductive polymer synthesis, otherwise impossible conventionally:
Towards business customers, waste valorization includes mine tailings recovery, where toxic heavy metal ions in their tailings is converted into solid metals with resaleable values, while rendering the tailings non-toxic. elerGreen’s unique moving electrode technology seeks to electrochemically convert heavy metal wastes into valuable metals, as a more energy-efficient and scalable alternative in mining and metallurgy industry.

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elerGreen Industry Corporation

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