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fairlife® Skim Ultrafiltered Milk 1.5L Bottle

fairlife® Skim Ultrafiltered Milk 1.5L Bottle

We are driven by a simple belief: we can always make the world better. We believe milk, the purest form of dairy, is a powerful gift from nature. Full of nutrients, protein and great taste, milk forms the foundation of our nourishment from the very beginning.

Our rich and creamy fairlife® Skim Ultrafiltered Milk has 50% less sugar and 50% more protein than regular milk, while remaining incredibly delicious. Plus, it’s lactose free!

Our fresh Canadian milk is ultrafiltered to be ultra-nutritious, flowing through multiple filters to concentrate its goodness like protein while filtering out half of the natural sugars. What you get is a skim 1.5L milk that has 9 essential nutrients and less sugar than regular milk, without sacrificing delicious taste.

From cereal to recipes to enjoying a glass on its own, fairlife® is a delicious complement to any occasion.

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