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Firetube Boilers - Bio Mass and Waste Heat Boilers

Firetube Boilers - Bio Mass and Waste Heat Boilers

Boilersmith boilers have been sold across North America for more than 50 years. With new designs firing from 10 BHP to 1,200 BHP and high efficiency boiler tubing, Boilersmith continues to excel in size, serviceability and combustion efficiencies of up to 87%.

Boilersmith can address your steam or hot water application with proven performance and efficiencies of up to 87 %.

We offer packaged firetube boilers in both a firebox and scotch design. Both types can feature a full wetback design that results in lower maintenance costs and long life.

Models are available for all common fuels including; combination electric/gas, gas only, oil, gas/oil, propane, digester gas and biomass. Low NOX and CO2 burner models are also available.

All Boilersmith Boilers offer excellent efficiency for low cost heat in both steam or hot water applications.

Our Engineering staff takes pride in designing boilers that are easy to service, using widely available, lower cost components. Boilersmith strives to avoid special motors and controls wherever possible.

The floors of our Firebox boilers virtually eliminate heat loss. The two layer floor refractory has a thick lower layer of insulating material with a cap layer of hard material.

For more information, please contact us at 519-527-0600 to discuss our extensive line of high and low pressure boilers.

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