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Glass Portals

Glass Portals

<p><em><strong>Glass Portals</strong><br></em> Like the panels, our portals are designed using Neil's signature leading techniques and design aesthetic. <br>Our portals are made from textured clear or/and sandblasted glass. We offer custom work as well as one-of-a-kind pieces that are sold in store, ready to be taken home or given as a gift. They range in sizes between 8"-36" inches. Come on in or give us a quick call for to find out what sizes we currently have available. <br>   <i><strong>Behind the design:</strong>  </i>By applying a slumping and fusing technique, we contour and kiln fire the glass around custom made molds. We also create bowls that are made from 100% post-consumer tempered glass.</p>
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<strong><i>Individually priced. Contact us for more details.</i></strong><i><br></i><i><strong>Availability:</strong><span> </span>In store - come by or call ahead to find out about our current selection! </i>

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