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Grass Fed Organic Pressed Cottage Cheese

Grass Fed Organic Pressed Cottage Cheese

Our Pressed Cottage Cheese “Twar³g” is the only Certified Grass Fed and Organic Cottage Cheese in Ontario. Additionally it is the only Cottage Cheese made of Jersey Cow milk , which is 20% higher in calcium and richer in micronutrients; minerals and vitamins (the golden hue of Jersey milk is due to it’s high beta carotene levels). Jersey cows produce A2 protein milk which some find easier to digest. This cheese is curdled using a slow bacterial process and does not make use of rennet. It is not salted and has the highest protein level and lowest fat content of any cheese in the market. This staple in the culinary traditions of Central and Eastern Europe is used in baked goods, cooking, as well as eaten plain, with honey, used on salads, in lasagna, or even as a protein boost in smoothies and imparts a creamy, rich texture. (A whopping 27 grams of protein per 125g serving)

This product is proudly made in Ontario by:

M-C Dairy & Future Bakery

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