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Greasy Bang Fix

Greasy Bang Fix

Greasy Bang Fix is a quick fix that absorbs your scalp's oils while soothing for anti-itchiness. Made from a combination of delicate herbs, cosmetic-grade clays and plant extracts.

Ever have one of those days when your bangs are greasy and you just don't have the time to wash 'em? Sure you do. We have too – that's why we developed "Greasy Bang Fix" to the rescue! 

Just dab a light touch of Greasy Bang Fix onto a blush brush, tap the excess off, and go crazy on your hair and scalp. This will give you that quick fix you need until the next shower. 

The special thing about our Greasy Bang Fix, is that it's not just to mask your oily hair, no sirree! Each powder, clay and extract has been carefully chosen to absorb the oils and wick them away from your scalp while providing a gentle natural scent without added perfumes or oils – plus the Gotu Kola extract will protect your scalp (skin)... studies even show it helps to prevent hair loss! 

BEST FOR: Any greasy bang or sideburn, any hair colour. 

TIP: Works great at bedtime, so dab on if you know you'll be too tired to shower in the morning. (Shhh, it's okay, we won't tell!). 

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