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Greeting Cards with Japanese Patterns

Greeting Cards with Japanese Patterns

A set of twelve blank greeting cards and envelopes with three different traditional Japanese patterns. They're made from recycled paper as well as designed and produced in Hamilton, Ontario.

Each pattern holds a meaning:
Yorokejima - There are several kinds of striped patterns, and wavy stripes are referred to as yorokejima, literally "stumbling stripes." These particular yorokejima are reminiscent of delicious ramen noodles.

Shidamon - This pattern of intersecting ferns originated during the Kamakura-era (1185-1338). It was often used on armour and weapons, as well as in the designs of kamon, family crests.

Seigaiha- Literally, blue ocean wave. This pattern originated near the Caspian Sea and came to Japan via the silk road. The ¯»¿seigaiha¯»¿ pattern features prominently in the costumes of Gagaku, an ancient style of Japanese court dance and music.

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