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Ho ho holiday bundle of 4 – Plantable cards!

Ho ho holiday bundle of 4 – Plantable cards!

Happy Ho ho holidays!

Yep! is that time of the year! but this time you will not save the cards for next year! or keep them in a box in the basement, this ho ho holiday season! lets make some gardens!

Remember that you can combine 4 of them as you wish, just select the numbers of the designs, and add those numbers in the note section at check out!

Seeded Memories greeting cards are made of handmade and eco-friendly seed paper! Crafted with 100% recycled materials (such as newspaper, used office paper, and other post-consumer paper), hand-pressed, hand-cut, and hand Illustrated.

Our cards work as any other regular cards, you can write on them with a ballpoint pen, just mind that we do not use any bonding (like corn starch or glue) so any sharp tip will rip the paper, and any water will start the germination process.

These greeting cards can be planted in soil, outside, or inside to grow beautiful wildflowers. And our flowers attract bees and pollinators that will help the environment with every thought.

The seeds in our cards are embedded in 2 layers of paper, protecting the seeds until ready to plant.

Cards are 4’’ x 5.5’’ in size, and all of them come with a brown craft envelope.

When you get Seeded Memories cards, you get a meaningful way to deliver a message. A message that will become a memory garden.


The color of the paper is dependent on the recycled materials used and therefore might be slightly different from the photo. The seeds used, create a textured surface, making each card unique and therefore the graphics might have slight flaws adding character to the cards.

Unfortunately, we’re not responsible for the lack of flowers that grow from your cards. We do generously seed the paper, however, if planted properly, they should grow!

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