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Honey Chai

Honey Chai

Sizes Available:
Loose Leaf - 250g, 1kg

This delicious sticky honey chai is blended with honey from Toronto Bee Rescue, freshly ground whole spices, and directly traded premium black tea leaves from Emrok Estates in Kenya. Perfect for tea lattes, hot or cold.

Our honey - infused sticky chai features honey sourced from bees re-homed by Toronto Bee Rescue. This is a wonderful family - run organization that relocates bees at risk of extermination found on private property, to the Greenbelt surrounding Toronto. Once the colony passes their health check and are re-homed in new hives, these bees produce honey for their honey company Ontario Honey Creations.

This delicious honey is blended with freshly ground whole spices and directly traded, premium black tea leaves from Emrok Estates in Kenya. Honey is a nature's preservative, keeping those freshly ground spices and tea leaves fresh and flavourful for many months.

Perfect for making chai lattes, hot or cold.

100% natural ingredients, blended and packed in Canada: Honey, Cinnamon, Black Tea, Ginger, Cardamom, Star Anise, Cacao Shells, Fennel, Black Pepper, Clove

Chai Latte Recipe (12 oz portion)

Measure 1 Tablespoon Chai into a drawstring filter, tea press, or loose in a small pot.

Add 6oz freshly boiled water. Let steep 5 minutes. Top with 6 oz warmed milk (or alternative milk), strain if you have used the loose tea method, and top with a dash of ground cinnamon or cardamom on top.

Iced Latte: As above, but pour steeped tea over a glass of ice instead, and top with cold milk.


The Health Benefits of Black Tea

Black tea is brimming with goodness. The naturally occurring flavonoids in black teas act as antioxidants. These are compounds that prevent cell damage by neutralizing free radicals. Cell damage has been linked to many chronic diseases including cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Tea is simply loaded with antioxidants - in fact two cups of tea contain the antioxidant levels of seven glasses of orange juice, or four apples!

While tea does contain caffeine (around 25 to 34mg per serving, far less than coffee) this caffeine is bundled with several compounds that work to prevent an energy "‹œspike' and promote a gentler, extended "‹œlift' to help sustain energy and focus throughout the day.

Black tea has been linked to:

Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease (heart disease and stroke) through improved cholesterol levels and reduced cell damage
Providing some protective benefits against cancer through antioxidants
Immune system strength - tea contains theanine, a unique amino acid that supports the immune system, helping our bodies defend against infections, bacteria, and viruses. In one clinical trial, participants who consumed five cups of black tea daily for two to four weeks experienced a 2x - 4x increase in interferon in their immune cells.
Bone strength and oral health. Tea is a natural source of fluoride which helps protect tooth enamel, and studies have shown that habitual tea drinkers had healthy bone mineral density in later life.
Kidney stone prevention - a recent study found that for every eight ounce cup of tea female participants drank daily, their risk of developing these painful stones decreased by eight percent. (Participants had no history of stones) Another study showed a decreased risk of 14% in men.

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