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HotWorx Fire Prevention Spray

HotWorx Fire Prevention Spray

HotWorx is the perfect choice when performing household hot-work applications, such as soldering or plumbing with torch work. Simply apply a liberal amount of the HotWorx product to the exposed areas ensuring the fire risk has been addressed. Clean-up is made simple by wiping up upon completion. Leaves no toxic residue.

The 400g spray can makes use of bag-on-valve technology; no aerosols are emitted. Another benefit to the user is that the can is operable at any angle. This versatility will allow for getting into those hard-to-reach areas.

HotWorx flows easily from the can and sticks to the intended surface, providing quick, effective coverage in seconds.

The Hydrogel is a patented blend of natural polymers that outperform other toxic foams and synthetic polymers.

In interest of the environment, the HotWorx spray can is also recyclable.

HotWorx is to be used according to manufacturer's specifications. For more information please refer to our website.

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