Hudson wireless speaker

Hudson wireless speaker

The Hudson is a hand-crafted acoustic masterpiece. The ultra-dense ¾-inch solid birch enclosure is made from historic old-growth timber reclaimed from the cold, dark depths of the Ottawa River. This ultra-dense "riverwood" imparts superior tone, while the intricate grain patterns and rich color are stunning to behold. The Hudson's compact and elegant design ensures it looks great anywhere¢€”even as its relatively small size belies its true room-filling potential.

Each breathtaking speaker is meticulously assembled by hand in the Ottawa Valley. We make it a priority to use local sources- 72% of the build cost goes to businesses or people within 150Km of our production facility. That allows us to have the utmost confidence in the quality of our products!

Thanks to a powerful 50-watt amplifier, Bluetooth 4.2 AptX, and premium acoustic components, the Hudson delivers beautiful, faithful sound that leaves listeners in audio bliss. Combined with the natural beauty of ancient riverwood, and you have a one-of-a-kind speaker that is unrivaled on today's market!

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