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i3's Ai-based Occupancy Alert System

i3's Ai-based Occupancy Alert System

Monitor and measure your occupancy threshold in real time
- Know the number of people entering and exiting with precision.
- Save labor costs by staffing doors only when nearing capacity.
Track and report customer wait times
- Provide the estimated waiting time for customers outside the store.
- Understand peaks in traffic flow and have your team acknowledge the actions taken to manage occupancy.

Provide accurate and real time interactive notifications
- Receive alerts on the Occupancy Alert monitor and i3 CMS mobile app.
- Ensure accountability by receiving live and historic user defined audit reports (including reports for multiple locations to manage larger groups and regions).
- Connect securely to our i3 Cloud solution and provide video confirmation of actions taken by associates.

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This product is proudly made in Ontario by:

i3 International Inc.

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