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Imago Wild Bee Home

Imago Wild Bee Home

Imago is our flagship wild bee home. Its name comes from the final stage of a bee's development, and each home represents nearly 4 hours of work by a craftsperson.

We really sweat the details with Imago to give the highest quality product possible. The grain of the wood is blended across the top back and bottom, with all edges smoothly transitioning into each other.

More recently, we have started making all of our Instar homes out of only rift- and quarter-sawn white oak. This cut of oak is more than double the price of flatsawn oak, but shows beautiful rays and is less prone to wood movement.

Our wild bee homes are perfect for your garden or outdoor space. They are built with exceptional attention to detail using only domestic white oak, Osmo finishes, waterproof wood glues and stainless steel mounting hardware so that they will last for generations with minimal maintenance.

Unlike bee homes made of pine or untreated western red cedar, we wanted ours to both last the test of time, and stay looking good while they were at it. After all, you put so much effort into creating an outdoor space that looks beautiful, and we don't want to take away from that.

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