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 Just-Bend Measuring Gauge Kit

Just-Bend Measuring Gauge Kit

Our patented measuring gauges are easy to install, will save you time, money and material. You’ll wonder how you ever worked without our Just-Bend Measuring Gauge Kit. For all Tapco and Van-Mark brakes of any length.

✔ NO PRE-MEASURING REQUIRED - Line up your sheet and "JUST BEND".
✔ NO MARKING / NO SCRIBING - Bent pieces come out clean with no pencil or snip cut marks, ready to be installed.
✔ NO CALCULATIONS NECESSARY - Pull to measurement and make bend or cut, then onto the next measurement and repeat. Simplifies training for new users.
✔ WORK UP TO 50% FASTER - Powerful magnets make relocating the measuring bracket fast along the full length of the hinge.
✔ EASY TO INSTALL & USE - You’ll be up and running in about 20 minutes.
✔ UNIVERSAL FIT - Installs on Van Mark and Tapco siding bending brakes.

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This product is proudly made in Ontario by:

InnovaTools Inc

Siding Brake Accessories for Tapco and Van-Mark