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Lucite Awards and Recognition Pieces

Lucite Awards and Recognition Pieces

Our handcrafted process is manufactured entirely in our factory in Toronto. Our artisans turn rough acrylic into custom awards and recognition pieces. We choose to work with Lucite, a high-grade acrylic because it is the only embedment product that captures the moment forever. Clearmount awards are physical representations of a recipient’s hard work and outstanding performance. For over 30 years, we’ve become known for custom acrylic embedments. We experiment with unusual materials to create custom awards and recognition pieces. Our decoration options include, but aren’t limited to laser engraving, screen printing, full colour imprinted surface and full colour embedded imprint. We can help you create a memorable recognition piece for safety programs, sales awards, employee recognition programs, retirement gifts, keepsakes, deals toys and tombstones, building and product replicas, logo recreations and so much more. Everything we do is custom. Reach out to our team today to help make your custom acrylic pieces special.

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