Medical grade face Shields | DIY Face Shields

Medical grade face Shields

Medical grade face Shields

1) Made in Ontario ( Health Canada Approved ) Authorization # 31607
2) Made with raw material available within Canada (known sources of raw material in Canada)
3) Available in DIY (Do It Yourself) kit or fully assembled ready to use
4) Recyclable
5) Reusable up to a month or more base on care and maintenance
6) Comparative pricing compared to imported products
7) Can be easily sterilized with Soap and water
8) DIYFaceshields kits can be stored in very small space as compared to fully assembled product
9) You would be proud of using an Ontario made product.

Product features:
This faceshield is lightweight durable and vented for increased airflow and also shields entire face
It is easily removable in case of an emergency or accident.
This faceshield is reusable and should be cleaned every time before it can be used.
This shield is splash- resistant. It can also be given anti fog treatment
It gives optically clear view. With a high quality sponge headrest and elastic band it provides added support and comfort without putting any pressure on head
Protects face mask and our face from direct splash of droplets, liquids and projectiles.
It prevents our hands from touching our face thereby preventing spread of virus by hand

It can be assembled in 2-3minutes. minutes

This product is proudly made in Ontario by:

DIY Face Shields

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