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Mosaic™ Series - Indoor Waste and Recycling Containers

Mosaic™ Series - Indoor Waste and Recycling Containers

Introducing The Mosaic, an innovative and versatile modular recycling and waste container system! This premium-quality product features a sturdy and durable structure that incorporates customizable signage, along with our thoughtfully designed bag retention clips to keep bags securely in place, making it a perfect fit for businesses and public spaces. Consider adding our easy glide lockable caster kit to your Mosaic, making relocating easy, saving time and promoting safety in the workplace. Expand your collection capacity seamlessly by incorporating additional containers and utilizing the innovative connector system for secure interlocking. The Mosaic offers various standard lid opening options in colors that help boost diversion, making your waste and recycling collection effortless, efficient and stylish.

MODULAR CONSTRUCTION Expand your station with our innovative connector system

BOLD COMMUNICATION The customizable body panel signs are highly visible and help boost diversion and participation

ADAPTS TO ANY RECYCLING PROGRAM A wide range of stocked color and lid opening options

ERGONOMIC FUNCTIONALITY Effortless maneuverability and configurability

STYLISH DESIGN Thoughtful materials and bold signage make The Mosaic a stylish and smart choice for your space

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