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Seasonal Kombuchas

Seasonal Kombuchas

As different crops come into season, we release flavours designed to showcase our local bounty. Always inspired by the best locally available flavours of the season, from springtime spruce tips, to summer hapkap berries, to autumnal asian pears! Availble on a rotating basis in 1L growlers only.

All of our kombucha starts with a custom blend of loose leaf organic green and black teas, organic cane sugar, and our own live kombucha culture (sometimes called a SCOBY). We precisely ferment each batch, then flavour with high-quality whole fruits and botanicals blended directly into the kombucha. Once flavoured, we ferment the mixture a second time to ensure the perfect balance of acidity and sweetness. This method delivers intensely delicious flavour on a completely different level than kombuchas flavoured with concentrates, juices, or tea blends. Lastly, we filter and lightly carbonate, leaving behind living beneficial yeasts and bacterias in every bottle.

This product is proudly made in Ontario by:

Escarpment Kombucha Co.

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