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Sprague Organic Mediterranean Lentil Soup

Sprague Organic Mediterranean Lentil Soup

Delicious lentil soup, inspired by the region that invented it.

Humans have been eating lentils for a very long time. Lentils were unearthed in the Paleolithic and Mesolithic layers of Franchthi Cave in Greece (9,500 to 13,000 years ago), in the end-Mesolithic at Mureybet and Tell Abu Hureyra in Syria, and sites dating to 8000 BC in the area of Jericho. The ancient Greeks were lovers of lentil soup, as attested to by a comment by Aristophanes: "You, who dare insult lentil soup, sweetest of delicacies." Lentil soup is mentioned in the Bible: In Genesis 25:30-34, Esau is prepared to give up his birthright for a pot of fragrant red lentil soup being cooked by his brother, Jacob. In Jewish tradition, lentil soup has been served at times of mourning; the roundness of the lentil represents a complete cycle of life. - Wikipedia

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