Sprite® Bottles (300mL, 8 Pack) | Coca-Cola Canada Bottling Ltd. - Sprite

Sprite® Bottles (300mL, 8 Pack)

Sprite® Bottles (300mL, 8 Pack)

Life is an adventure. Who needs a map when the challenge of figuring it all out is half the fun? In those moments when everything becomes clearer, you’ll know you were on the right path all along. Whether you’re thirsty for more, or questioning everything, Sprite is on your side.

It’s the lemon-lime flavoured soft drink that’s perfectly crisp, and always clear. Sprite is the zero caffeine soda that ignites your senses to keep you on your toes with its cool, satisfying, and refreshing citrus taste. It’s a crisp fizz that doesn’t compromise, and refreshes on its own terms. When it comes to lemon-lime flavoured drinks, choose the one and only Sprite.

Sprite never fails to deliver exactly what it promises, every single time. It’s the crisp and delicious, lemon-lime refreshment that always hits like the truth. After 50 years Sprite isn’t a trendsetter; it’s a classic, and always will be. So when you’re ready to drop the filters and get real with your soft drink choice, grab a Sprite.

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Coca-Cola Canada Bottling Ltd. - Sprite

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