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Steel cab enclosure

Steel cab enclosure

Maximize productivity by keeping your operators safe and comfortable.

Blending functionality and style, Harris cabs are painstakingly engineered to provide maximum visibility for your material handling equipment.

Cab components and controls are all ergonomically placed to reduce fatigue, and seamlessly integrated to complement the original design and colors of each truck.

Insulate effortlessly against rain, snow, or sub-zero temperatures.

Harris cabs are built to last; period. Assembled using only superior quality materials and components, providing reliable performance for even the toughest of jobs.

Standard skylights ensure upward visibility. Lockable, anti-burst door handles prevent unwanted opening. Side-sliding windows provide excellent views. All designed to protect against hazards, day or night.

Ample headroom, wide doors, storage pockets, coat hooks, and easy access to the engine hood for servicing are all standard features derived from continuous operator and technician feedback.

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