Straight Sided Eccentric Link Press

Straight Sided Eccentric Link Press

Eagle's SEL Press product line expands the Eagle production line to include a link drive design. Every vital component of the press, including structures and links are modeled in solids. The press is assembled and run virtually for motion in both static and dynamic modes. All the major structures and links are analyzed using finite element analysis tools to validate the deflections and stresses and to ensure the structural rigidity. Eagle can verify the structural integrity of the press, and fine-tune the motion and velocity profiles to the optimum level. This means substantial reductions in the product development cycle time, and ensured reliability. This provides many advantages including:

Higher Production Rates (strokes per minute) requiring less torque than an eccentric gear drive
Lower torque results in less gear face width, smaller driveshaft diameters, bearings and drive energy.
Designed for 3500+ tons capacity with automatic counterbalancing, and reduced sound levels

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This product is proudly made in Ontario by:

Eagle Press & Equipment Co.