Streamline 2" Insulated Roll-up Door

Streamline 2" Insulated Roll-up Door

Premium PVC roll-up 2" Insulated overhead truck door, lightweight, stainless steel hardware and rust free.

Extruded structural PVC panels provides a lightweight door
that will save up to an estimated $600 in fuel cost during
the life of the door while reducing the risk of driver injuries.
"¢ Patented integral hinge means no more greasing and
rusting hinges to worry about!
"¢ Our PVC design never requires painting and won't show
scratches like other conventional doors.
"¢ The McLaren door panel has a special additive that
provides superior strength against UV damage and
chemical corrosion.
"¢ Our clean design provides the ultimate protection
against water and dirt penetration, as well as
antimicrobial protection for a germ-free surface.

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This product is proudly made in Ontario by:

McLaren Doors