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Suicide Sauce

Meika's Suicide Sauce¬¢€ ¬¢€ 

This bold flavorful scotch bonnet pepper sauce will enhance the flavor of any dish when added. Infused with the perfect amount of heat (that amazingly slow lingering burn in scotch bonnet peppers) and magnificently seasoned it makes a great table sauce. The scotch bonnet pepper is known for its wonderful but not overpowering flavor. The vinegar is cooked down, enhancing the natural flavours of the scotch bonnet peppers. A hearty amount of garlic and spices cause an aromatic scent that makes your mouth water. This is highly recommended for use in sauces, dressings, meats, seafood, eggs, pizza, oils, charcuterie boards, etc"¦.or simply on its own

This sauce is 100% vegan, salt-free and sugar-free. Preserved naturally with vinegar and through the cooking process. Absolutely no unhealthy ingredients or chemicals.


¬¢€ Vinegar, scotch bonnet peppers, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, mustard, and selected spices. Love.

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