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The 'Keep It' Brief

The 'Keep It' Brief

Our underwear that helps you feel cared for and confident! The ‘Keep It’ Brief has a special pocket designed for The 'Original' Heat Pack. The pocket holds the heat securely where you need it most and provides a super soft barrier between you and the heat pack. To let you experience menstrual pain-relief on the go! You’ll love that it's: super comfortable mid-rise with flattering bum coverage in playful colours that are cute as can be [get all 3!] Made from sustainable bamboo fibres. Designed, sewn, and assembled in Ontario. The ‘Keep it’ Brief can be worn any day of your cycle and is extra helpful for when the pain hits! Pair with your menstrual cup, tampon or pad. *** Pre-orders available in Canada only *** [Limited quantities!]

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This product is proudly made in Ontario by:

Undu Wearables Ltd.

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