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U20 SRX-Pro NVR Server

U20 SRX-Pro NVR Server

The U20 rack-mount chassis is made for durability and versatility. Its long life-cycle industrial motherboard is one its key benefits. The U20 SRX-Pro NVR Server features is 2U rack-mount chassis designed to handle multiple IP cameras and excellent data retention: it comes with 3 SATA hard drives bays. Each bay supports one 3.5" SATA hard drive of up to 14TB for a maximum of up to 42TB of video storage for outstanding video retention. Windows 10 IoT operating system comes on a Solid State Drive for added stability and fast boot-up times. Running on Intel i5 CPU, the U20 SRX-Pro NVR Server powers all its components with a 400W power supply.

The 2 NICs allow you to keep your IP cameras on a separate network via a Gigabit switch, such as i3's S243 or S81, while accessing the Internet through the second NIC without impeding your network.

For video backup use the slim DVD recorder or the USB (on the front panel) for easy-to-use external USB storage.

U20 comes preloaded with i3's flagship SRX-Pro software and offers both the compact design and versatility at the same time.

For even longer video retention or recording capacity, i3's iS416 external hard drive device can be purchased.

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