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U3i SRX-Pro / i3Ai NVR

U3i is i3's Rackmount i3Ai solution with the largest internal storage capacity, supporting up to 32 channels of i3Ai detection and tracking and up to 64 channels of video recording.

If SRX-Pro software complements the i3 Ai software by recording the video streams used for Ai detection. U3i Server is an enterprise-level solution, complete with high-capacity hard drive storage, which is expandable to 112TB. Additional storage can be achieved with external storage devices (sold separately). Software licensing is completely customizable to meet each customer's unique needs: from video security to intelligent video data analysis.

The powerful GTX2070 video card supplies the GPU processing power required for i3Ai technology. Windows 10 IoT operating system comes on a Solid State Drive for added stability and fast boot-up times. Running on Intel Xeon CPU, the U3i powers all its components with a 600W power supply.

The 2 NICs allow you to keep your IP cameras on a separate network via a Gigabit switch, such as i3's S243 or S242, while accessing the Internet through the second NIC without impeding your network. For video backup use the slim DVD recorder or the USB (on the front panel) for easy-to-use external USB storage.

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