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WHOLESOME BLEND - PEA FREE Turkey & Pumpkin Dog Food

WHOLESOME BLEND - PEA FREE Turkey & Pumpkin Dog Food

Pea Free Turkey & Pumpkin recipe is formulated for small and medium dogs (less than 50lb) through all life stages. Created without the use of Peas, Pulses, Legumes, Lentils, Potatos or Grains. Using a progressive, science-backed recipe of sustainably sourced proteins, raw infused pumpkin, and the correct balance of amino acids and dietary nutrients, we introduce a unique market offering that provides optimal nutrition for your pets' needs. Sustainable protein - MSC Cod fish & Black soldier fly larva meal. Raw infused pumpkin - High in dietary fibre, improving digestion and gut function. Omega 6-3-9 - unique blend of canolaoil, herring oil and oliva oil. Heart Health - Blend of Taurine, DL-methione & L-caritine. Healhty botanicals - selected functional botanicals to naturally assist in overall pet wellness. Prebiotics & Probiotics - a unique blend of growth activity and live bacteria to ensure healthy digestibility. Wholesome Blend Pea Free is packaged in Biodegradable bags. Produced in our own certified facility in St Marys, Ontario, since 1985.

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