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Woodland mitten

Woodland mitten

RAIN MITTENS: These waterproof kids mittens keep little hands dry and warm, in snow, rain.

This pair of mittens is lined with soft and light Chintosante fabric. In addition, these mittens are designed with a waterproof and seam sealed shell making them fully waterproof.

These stay-on mittens open wide at the top to easily fit over coat sleeves, and cinch closed. In addition there is a second cinch around the wrist for a more secure fit.

DRY and WARM: Lined with soft Chintosante, mitten can be worn underneath for extra warmth.

STAY-ON: Stays securely in place with easy double tightening.

SECURE: Designed with a gauntlet sleeve and a closure to keep snow and rain out.

WINDPROOF: Defends against wind chill while maintaining warmth within.


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woodland mitten