XVC-700 / XVC-710

XVC-700 / XVC-710

Lightweight, digital, slimline HDR Weld Camera.
The Xiris XVC-700 packs high performance into its slimline package. Featuring High Dynamic Range (HDR) in excess of 140db, angled optics head configurations ranging from 0° to 90° and, GigE Interface with PoE, the all-digital Xiris XVC-700 takes weld imaging where it has never been able to go before. The straight camera weighs 89g, and squeezes into a slight 22 x 22 x 107mm frame before optics are mounted.

XVC-700 captures HDR in mono greyscale and XVC-710 captures HDR in color.

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This product is proudly made in Ontario by:

Xiris Automation Inc.