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37mm Trishel 1oz Coin Display Case Round (Curved)

37mm Trishel 1oz Coin Display Case Round (Curved)


Trishel Curved Coin Display Case Round (Air-Tite) is an acrylic case designed to protect and display coins. This product is made from dual-layered acrylic material and is designed to fit various coin diameters such as 40mm, 39mm, 38mm & 37mm.

These cases are often used to protect and display bullion coins, challenge coins, circulation coins, and numismatic coins such as coins from the Canadian Mint, US Mint, and other world mints.

They are also used to display coins in home collections. The front lid and bottom are slightly curved allowing for an elegant look and slight magnification of the coin, providing for that elegant look.

The cases are airtight and firmly closed, they can be opened and closed with a hinged lid. The round shape of the case allows for a 360-degree view of the coin, ideal for display, whilst remaining protected.

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