The best of everything is made right here in Ontario...

Including cars, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, technology, food, clothing, and more.

Your purchase matters. By simply buying Ontario Made products, you are directly supporting incredible manufacturers, makers, retailers, and their employees in your community.

This helps us grow a stronger economy for Ontarians. Let’s all do our part to celebrate and support these companies and their Ontario-made products.

Lire les histoires de chez nous

Lire les histoires de chez nous

Apprenez à mieux connaître les entreprises de votre communauté et apprenez-en davantage sur les produits ontariens fabriqués localement.

Qu'il s'agisse d'explorer les histoires des fabricants, de guides de cadeaux ou de bien d'autres choses encore, c'est l'endroit où se tenir au courant de ce qui se fait en Ontario.

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Go Behind the Scenes

Unveil the magic of Ontario manufacturing! Whether you're a curious consumer or an industry enthusiast, our video collection highlights the stories, processes, and products that shape the marketplace. Prepare to be amazed and gain a deeper appreciation for the locally made products you love.