As consumers, we are demanding more and more local content in our purchases. While it may be easy to identify local farm goods, it is often difficult while browsing online and shopping in stores to know what is manufactured in Ontario.

Ontario Made is on a mission to change this.

Looking to get more involved as a consumer?

Ontario Made’s social channels continuously share updates about products, companies, and fun facts about manufacturing.

To help us expand the awareness of what is Ontario Made, and help consumers make informed buying decisions, be sure to use the hashtag #OntarioMade on all your social channels.

Other Ways to Participate

  • Check this website regularly for new listings before you buy
  • Look for the Ontario Made logo when you are shopping
  • If you know of Ontario manufacturers/makers, encourage them to register for Ontario Made and use the logo

Make it easier to identify local goods in stores - ask retailers you frequent to register for Ontario Made to receive complimentary merchandising materials