Thank you for your interest in Ontario Made. This is a free branding program for Ontario manufacturers of any size to raise more awareness of your locally made goods. We offer a digital branded logo that can be used on your products and marketing materials to promote your locally made products clearly and cohesively.

This will allow more Ontarians to easily identify which products their neighbours built so they can make more informed purchasing decisions. Without clear made-in-Ontario branding, consumers may never know your product was manufactured by one of their neighbours.

Some of our members include:



Benefits of Joining

  • Promote your locally made products more clearly with the Ontario Made logo
  • Get increased exposure to consumers via listing space on our website
  • Connect with Ontario retailers who are interested in stocking more locally made products
  • Amplification opportunities on social media

Get Involved

Be part of a change to raise awareness and support of Ontario-made products.

Fill out the form above to create a profile to identify what products your company manufactures in Ontario.

Once you set-up your Ontario Made profile, our team will review your application, and follow up with a digital logo that can be used on qualifying products and on your marketing materials.

What Products Qualify?

Qualifying manufactured goods are those that have undergone their last substantial transformation in the province of Ontario. This does not necessarily mean these goods qualify for under "Made in Canada" labeling requirements as determined by the Competition Bureau of Canada.


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