Composite parts and components for 8 different Airbus helicopter types

Airbus Helicopters Canada is a centre of excellence for composite manufacturing and is the sole supplier on 8 different Airbus helicopter types flying all over the world. These products include: the horizontal stabilizer, end plates, hubcap, and boarding steps for the H135; the cowlings for the transmission, engine, and rear of the H145; the cowlings and fairings for the H130; the horizontal stabilizer and end plates for the AS365/EC155; the engine cowlings and luggage box for the H225 & H215; the GTM (dual hydraulics) for the H125; as well as various STC options for H125 & H130 operators globally. A listing of additional items can be made available upon request.

Ce produit est fièrement fabriqué en Ontario par :

Airbus Helicopters Canada Limited