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Sanitizer Gel

Sanitizer Gel

Dimachem HAND SANITIZER GEL is a quick-drying, lightly thickened, pale blue gel, with a fresh peppermint fragrance; formulated and manufactured with 70% Canadian-made food-grade ethanol alcohol. Quick-drying and conveniently dispensed through our pump top for controlled dispensing, it can also be rebottled into smaller squeeze bottles. Manufactured in an ISO-certified Canadian facility, our formula is registered with Health Canada Natural Product Number 80099404. Dimachem Hand SANITIZER GEL is available on in 4L jugs and 24 x 60mL flip-top cap bottles. Dimachem HAND SANITIZER BLEND #1 which is a thin liquid that can be sprayed on hands, door handles, shopping carts, dry goods, or packages is also available on in 4L jugs and 946mL spray bottles.

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